Program Ideas

Wine dinners
– featuring single winery, or wine region

Wine Seminars / Educational Seminars for Trade or Consumers
– i.e. sensory evaluations, host a glassware evaluation, explore biodynamic or organic wines, wine blending

Food & Wine Pairings on Menu
– This category is fun! Run a series of wine and small plate pairings for the week or for one night only, or a prix fixe menu or choose a specific subject such as “Bubbles & Bivalves”, or “Nebiollo & Truffles”, “Pinots & Fungi”, “Port & Cheese” etc.

Portfolio tasting
– Partner with a small, independent distributor or broker featuring a selection of wines from their book. A perfect fit for a lovely patio or small private room.

Vertical tasting / Mature/Cellar Selections
– An opportunity to show off the depth of your wine list!

Flights of a varietal or region
– Another great opportunity to partner with a book that offers local area wines. Gives your client base exposure to new wines they might not normally try.

Meet & Greet with the Winemaker
– An afternoon or early evening social? Perhaps offer a selection passed apps to compliments the wines? This is likely a casual affair…

Blind tastings
– Always fun for the consuming public, especially those that pride themselves on their wine knowledge. Present as a contest and award the guest (or guests) with something fun for the best performance.

Happy Hour with discounted pricing on wine

Wine & Music pairing
– Host a local band on your patio!

Local Wine Feature
– Partner with a local winery to feature their wines for the duration of the week

Wine Trivia Night

Wine & Movies

Pups & Pours
– Perfect for those with four-legged friends. This event could see a lot of traction, especially on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and is obviously a casual affair at an outdoor location. An added bonus would be to partner with Front Street Animal Shelter and create a fundraising opportunity for them.

Unique Focuses
– Folks don’t enjoy vermouth or sherry or madeira nearly as much as they should and they are certainly unaware of the lovely food pairings that go along with. Think Fino Sherry & roasted, local Almonds!